New Book! Diverse Voices: A Common Solution

Diverse Voices: A Common Solution (#954) is a collection of member stories intended to both honor the incredible variety within our membership and illuminate how that variety shapes individual journeys to healing through our Twelve Steps of recovery. Compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors are the great unifiers of our Fellowship, and it is our hope that readers will recognize themselves in the experience and hope detailed in these pages, no matter how “different” the voice may seem. After all, “Whatever your race, religion, spiritual path, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, or any other attribute, you are welcome in OA.”

Diverse Voices is now available in print from for US$13.50 and in e-book format from your favorite third-party online retailer for $9.99:

Don’t wait to explore the amazing diversity of our worldwide Fellowship. Get your copy today!