New Public Communications Policy Approved

Woman attracting with a magnet and telling people about OA with a bullhorn.

Did you know OA has a public communications policy? The policy spells out clearly what OA considers to be attraction versus promotion when we communicate about OA in public media. You can find the policy under 2023b in the Business Conference Policy Manual.

Our new Public Communications Policy reads:

It is proposed that Overeaters Anonymous adopt a Public Communications Policy. The purpose of the public communications policy is to assist Overeaters Anonymous to continue to grow the Fellowship and to carry its message to the compulsive eater who still suffers.

We fulfill our primary purpose most effectively by attraction and cooperation—not promotion or affiliation.

Overeaters Anonymous is attracting when it tells people why we are, what we are, what we do, and how; we let them know that we are available if and when help is needed. We state the facts, which are communicated via all available forms of public media, always stressing personal anonymity at the public level. Overeaters Anonymous is cooperating when it works with others, rather than alone. Working with others broadens our scope and contacts, and we reach more of those in need.

Overeaters Anonymous and registered service bodies may purchase ads or send press releases and public service announcements, including those in relation to special events and promotions, in all forms of public media, provided personal anonymity is maintained for members of Overeaters Anonymous (contact names on media communication can include any special worker associated with public communications, as well as the first names of individual members). For more information on the implementation of this policy, see Overeaters Anonymous board-approved guidelines.

The new policy, 2023b, effectively replaces policies 2008b, 2008c, 2008d, and 2008e, which were rescinded by delegates to World Service Business Conference 2023.

Learn more about how to use our Public Communications Policy in the upcoming Public Information and Professional Outreach Service Manual available later this year.