OA Bylaws and Policies Now Accessible as Web Pages

In response to a request from the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) Bylaws Committee, OA’s bylaws and policies have been made more accessible to the Fellowship. In addition to the PDF versions available in the Document Library, they can now be viewed as web pages, which are easier to view on mobile devices and easier to translate via online translation tools.

OA, Inc. (OA world service) is governed by three primary documents:

  1. OA Bylaws, Subpart A — Corporate Organization
  2. OA Bylaws, Subpart B, which sets forth the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of OA Service, and the service structure of the Fellowship.
  3. Business Conference Policy Manual, which are the collective policy decisions made since 1962 by delegates to World Service Business Conference and represent the group conscience of the Fellowship.

You can access the new web-page versions of these documents in main navigation menu under “Resources” > “OA Bylaws and Policies.” You can also find them listed at oa.org/sitemap. Go to the oa.org/oa-bylaws-and-policies web page.

On oa.org’s site search tool, dedicated tabs have been created to filter search results for OA bylaws, policies, and guidelines. If you use oa.org’s search tool, you will now find tabs to filter results for “OA Bylaws and Policies” and “OA Guidelines.” (These tabs may be combined in a future iteration.)

Thank you, WSBC Bylaws Committee, for this valuable suggestion in service to our members!