OA Releases New Public Information Video and Web Page

Public information and professional outreach (PIPO) committees throughout the OA Fellowship have new tools to carry the message to the still-suffering compulsive eater who is searching for a solution. “OA has your back” is a new public service annoucement (PSA) video that depicts the range of problems with food that compulsive eaters might deal with and shares that OA offers support and recovery. A new PIPO web page brings together the primary resources offered by OA world service.

OA has your back PSA video

“OA has your back” is a 75–second video formatted for streaming on the internet. Additional versions, such as a 30-second version suitable for online advertising, and a 60-second version formatted for broadcast television in North America and South Korea and more will be made available.

PIPO web page

A new PIPO web page, located under Service Body Resources, provides a one-stop shop for public information and professional outreach resources, including links to PIPO literature, videos, animated GIFs, radio PSAs and more. Bookmark this page at https://oa.org/service-bodies/public-information-and-professional-outreach/

Translations Needed!

The World Service Office (WSO) is looking for translation volunteers to provide subtitles in non-English languages. Additionally, opportunities are available to registered service bodies to record non-English voice over track to create versions of “OA has your back” in different languages. Contact the WSO to get started.

How to use the new PSA video

  • Talk with your regions about posting the video on their social media platforms and websites.
  • Ask your North American regions, intergroups, service boards, and PIPO Committees to contact local television stations about PSA airtime.
  • Forward a link to the video to friends and family inside and outside the Fellowship.