Update: OA Board of Trustees

Hands raised in service!

OA’s Board of Trustees has appointed new trustees to fill vacant positions.

Congratulations and welcome to new and returning trustees who have formed the OA board for 2024–2025!


Chair Meg M
First Vice Chair Barb K
Second Vice Chair BJ J
Treasurer Bob L

Executive Committee

  • Officers above, plus
  • Blair P *
  • Bruce R *
  • Cyndy L
  • Kim L *
  • Preston F *

* Appointed to serve through the end of World Service Business Conference 2025.

Trustee Liaisons to OA regions

Region Liaison
One Beverly M
Two Mike K
Three Cindy C
Five Barb K
Six Bob F
Seven Bob L
Eight Laurie O
Nine Emilia I
Ten Susan M
Virtual Gary D

Note: Region Four has disbanded. Learn more.

You can contact our trustees through the World Service Office.

We wish our trustees a productive year, guided by our Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of OA Service. Thank you for your service, trustees!