How does our service body get tax-exempt status in the United States?

The Internal Revenue Service is the proper source for official instructions on filing for tax-exempt status. IRS publication 557, “Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization,” and the instructions which accompany the application, FORM 1023, provide information and assistance in applying for and maintaining your tax-exempt status. Note the time restrictions for filing the application. Your state … Continued

How does my group get a Tax ID in the United States?

Contact your intergroup/service board. They may have a tax ID that covers all the affiliated groups. If not, your U.S. group must apply for one with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The required form is SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number. You can print out a form at You can also apply online at … Continued

How does my group get non-profit status?

The non-profit status of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., covers the World Service Office, the World Service Business Conference, and the Board of Trustees. The WSO can provide a letter explaining this and stating that your group is registered with Overeaters Anonymous. Some banks may find this satisfactory; others will not. Some intergroups have their own non-profit … Continued

Can our group or intergroup use the WSO’s tax-exempt number?

No. Unfortunately, the Overeaters Anonymous, Inc., tax ID number is specifically for the corporation (which includes the Board of Trustees, the World Service Office, and the World Service Business Conference). If another entity were to use that ID number, it would jeopardize both OA and the other entity (the meeting group).

What if we need insurance for an event?

The intergroup should have their liability insurance agent add events to the definition of general intergroup operations. Therefore, the event(s) would be covered under their general liability policy.  The intergroup can contact the insurer of the event location and request to be placed on the location’s policy as an additional insured.  Separate event insurance can … Continued

How do we get liability insurance for our group or service body?

The following is the WSO response to questions about liability insurance: In order to protect the autonomy of OA meeting groups and service bodies, the Board of Trustees has decided not to purchase liability insurance coverage for any entity other than Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. However, our insurance agent has provided us with information to assist … Continued