How do OA members achieve a healthy weight?

The concept of abstinence is the basis of OA’s program of recovery. By admitting inability to control compulsive eating in the past and abandoning the idea that all one needs is “a little willpower,” it becomes possible to abstain from overeating—one day at a time. While a diet can help us lose weight, it often … Continued

How is OA different from other weight control/weight loss/eating disorder programs?

We offer unconditional acceptance and support through OA meetings. We in OA believe we have a threefold illness—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Tens of thousands have found that OA’s Twelve Step program affects recovery on all three levels. The Twelve Steps embody a set of principles which, when followed, promote inner change. Sponsors help us understand … Continued

Do I have to believe in God to belong to OA?

OA is a spiritual program. A higher power of our own definition helps us to be free of compulsive eating. A higher power is different things to different people. There is no one right way, no one answer to the question of who or what a person’s Higher Power is. In OA, you sort it … Continued

Is OA a religious organization?

OA is not a religious organization. OA members are people of many religious faiths as well as atheists and agnostics. The OA recovery program is based on acceptance of certain spiritual principles. Members are free to interpret these principles as they think best, or not to think about them at all if they so choose. … Continued

Is OA affiliated with other Twelve Step groups?

OA is not affiliated with other Twelve Step or Twelve Tradition groups. OA has often made use of the wisdom and experience of other Twelve Step groups in making decisions for our Fellowship, but we are not a part of any of them, nor they of us. We have our own unique purpose to fulfill—providing … Continued

Why is OA anonymous and what does that mean?

As an OA member, being anonymous means that what you say at a meeting, stays at the meeting and that no one but you, has the right to disclose your membership in OA. Being anonymous also means we have no stars or celebrities inside OA, and no one is an OA spokesperson to the public. … Continued

What does OA offer?

A way out of misery, guilt, and shame around food. You no longer have to carry the burden alone. Society may say that if you had a little more willpower, you could do this on your own. But compulsive eaters react differently than normal eaters to food. For us, there is no such thing as … Continued

Who belongs to OA?

In Overeaters Anonymous, you’ll find members who are extremely overweight, even morbidly obese, moderately overweight, average weight, underweight, still maintaining periodic control over their eating behavior, or totally unable to control their compulsive eating. OA members experience many different patterns of food behaviors. These “symptoms” are as varied as our membership. Among them are: eating … Continued

Where can I find OA?

OA’s Find a Meeting page will help you find all registered OA meetings. There are local face-to-face meetings in many cities. You are also welcome at our virtual meetings held via phone and online—whatever works best for you.