What prayers are recommended to use at a meeting?

The World Service Business Conference of 1993 agreed that OA meetings and events be closed with one of the following: the Serenity Prayer, the Seventh Step Prayer, the Third Step Prayer, or the OA Promise “I Put My Hand in Yours . . .”

Can a meeting change how the Twelve Steps are read?

No. Changing the words of the Twelve Steps or Traditions is not honoring the Traditions or OA Bylaws, Subpart B because it affects OA as a whole. Tradition One states: “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon OA unity.”

Can we limit who attends our specific-focus meeting?

The only requirement for OA membership is the desire to stop eating compulsively. OA asks, but does not require, members to honor the focus of specific-focus meetings. If a person genuinely wishes to attend any OA meeting, you cannot ask them to leave. You can speak with them about how they can honor the intention … Continued

What is a group conscience meeting?

This is a time where members discuss and determine how the meeting will be run. Everyone who attends the meeting has the opportunity to voice their opinion and then the group makes a decision that best serves the members. Read the Guidelines for Group Conscience Meetings.