When am I ready to sponsor?

Sponsoring can begin at any time. Simply sponsor up to the level of your experience, sharing as much recovery as you have. It may be helpful to discuss sponsoring with your own sponsor first, then begin sponsoring when you both feel it’s right. Ask your group to introduce you as a new sponsor or identify … Continued

Are sponsors available at virtual meetings?

Many virtual meetings ask available sponsors to identify themselves. These meetings may also have lists of available sponsors. You ask someone if he or she would be willing to be your sponsor. You may ask anyone whether or not he or she identifies himself or herself as a sponsor.

Why have a sponsor?

The Twelve Steps are simple but are not easy. It helps to have a guide on the journey. A sponsor is someone who is abstinent (which means they are not eating compulsively) and who can help you learn what the Twelve Steps are all about. We say to look at your meetings for someone who … Continued

What is a sponsor?

Sponsors are OA members who are living the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to the best of their ability. They are willing to share their recovery with other members of the Fellowship and are committed to abstinence. Ask a member who has what you want from the program and how he or she is achieving … Continued