Public Information Suggestions

Spreading the Word

Getting the word out in your community about OA’s program of recovery is critical for the OA Fellowship to continue. The PI (Public Information) Suggestions page offers guidance to OA groups and service bodies for educating their communities about the existence of OA.

For one-on-one conversations with the public, this Carrying the Message offers useful suggestions for explaining OA to those unfamiliar with the program.

For guidance in publicizing your meetings, download Let People Know About Your Meeting.

Feel free to distribute the 2010 Membership Survey Report to professionals, the media, and anyone who wants to know more about OA. This report summarizes the results of the 2010 demographic survey of the Fellowship. The survey respondents answered questions such as the types of problems they have with food; whether they have lost weight, gained weight or neither; and how OA has helped them recover emotionally, physically and spiritually.

One way to get the word out to professionals in your community is to ask a professional who you know supports OA to write an article for publication in the Courier, a newsletter sent annually to professionals worldwide. For extra support in working with professionals in your community, see the Appendices of the Professional Outreach Manual, provided here for your convenience.

Would you like a pamphlet or booklet about OA directed to the overweight child for distribution at a health fair or conference? Click on Billy’s Story to download the pamphlet or The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous: A Kid’s View to download the booklet.


Professional Tradeshows

If your service body would like to host an exhibit at a professional tradeshow in your area, consider applying for funding assistance through the Professional Exhibits Fund from the World Service Office. Submit this application to the WSO as far in advance of the event as possible.

In addition, a Professional Tradeshows Manual for Service Bodies is available for download. It provides over 40 pages of valuable information for service bodies participating in professional tradeshows. Topics include criteria for selecting appropriate tradeshows, budgeting for a tradeshow, organizing volunteers, and closing the tradeshow.

The Reduced Cost Literature program can assist groups and service bodies purchasing bulk literature for public information and outreach projects.  The application and instructions can be found here.

PI Posters

OAPoster_Fork_tagged OAPoster_Pizza_tagged pi_eating_out_of_control PI_Refrigerator PI_scale pi_step_oneIs Food a Problem

Download these posters to use at PI events or exhibit booths.

Press Releases

Press releases (also referred to as media releases, news releases, etc.) are tools OA uses to attract favorable media attention and public awareness about OA by highlighting topics, events, people, the organization itself, etc. and get them interested in featuring OA as a component of a story or featuring OA as the focus of the story. The press release provides reporters with the basic information they need to develop a news angle or story idea, and the information they need to complete necessary interviews and research.


Getting OA’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) Aired on Radio

Carry the OA message through your local radio stations with OA’s new PSA, Start Living the Life You Deserve. CD Contains 60-, 30- and 15-second spots. Includes eye-catching packaging, script and cover letter to stations. Click here to listen to the 60-second radio PSA.


Public Information Resources in the OA Bookstore