Working the Program

Working the Steps, using the Tools, and practicing the Principles will lead you away from the food and into the fuller living experience promised by the OA program. Listen to those who’ve come before you, and share your own experience as well.  It works when you work it.


Can we guarantee you this recovery?


The answer is up to you. If you will honestly face the truth about yourself and the illness; if you will keep coming back to meetings to talk and listen to other recovering compulsive eaters; if you will read our literature and that of Alcoholics Anonymous with an open mind; and, most important, if you are willing to rely on a power greater than yourself for direction in your life and to take the Twelve Steps to the best of your ability, we believe you can indeed join the ranks of those who recover. To remedy the emotional, physical, and spiritual illness of compulsive eating, we offer several suggestions, but keep in mind that the basis of the program is spiritual, as evidenced by the Twelve Steps. – (Excerpt from Our Invitation to You)


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