In our recovery from food obsession, we can find strength and hope all around us. Practicing gratitude, appreciating nature, and connecting with others are just some of the ways. Read some newcomer stories to remember how it was when you first came to OA.

“The end result for anyone who works the Steps is increased self-esteem. The Twelve Steps are, indeed, more powerful than the disease.”
Lifeline, June 1986

“After the Miracle
Before OA, food overfilled and expanded my body.
Now food and exercise nourish my body.
Before OA, food covered a hole in my heart.
Now people fill my heart.
Before OA, food filled my time.
Now service, friends, and relaxation fill my time.
Before OA, food covered a hole in my spirit.
Now grace fills my spirit.
Before OA, food covered my feelings.
Now I feel my feelings.
Before OA, food masked my low self-esteem.
Now I believe I am worthy just because I was born.”

Listen to a podcast or read OA literature to get through a rough time.  May we recommend:

  • Promises Podcast
  • OA 3 Appendices Podcast
  • “Welcome Home” reading