For the Professional

Complementing the Professional Community with Overeaters Anonymous

Many professional organizations and institutions work with OA members to inform other professionals and the public about compulsive eating and the resources available in OA to address this problem. OA is not in competition with the professional community. On the contrary, many members consider OA to be a complement to the professional services they receive. In part, OA works because it offers an ongoing support system for members and encourages them to help one another, thereby weakening their isolation and loneliness. OA members provide this support through sharing their experience, strength, and hope with one another. OA claims no medical, nutritional, or psychological expertise. It suggests that interested members contact qualified professionals for help in these areas.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Since coming to OA, 73% of members have lost weight, and 54% of them are currently maintaining a healthy weight.

Those who are maintaining a healthy weight have done so for:

p_tanUnder 1 year 25%
p_red1-5 Years 30%
p_green6-10 years 15%
p_purple11-20 years 12%
p_blue21+ years 18%

Average weight loss: 45 pounds (20 kg)


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