Attention Groups: Our Annual Appeal Is Underway!

The OA Board of Trustees is excited to announce that OA’s 2024 Annual Appeal has begun! Groups can do their part by reading the Annual Appeal letter at three consecutive meetings. To submit your contribution, go to or our new contribution portal at and select “Annual Appeal 2024” in the drop-down menu (see … Continued

New! Guidelines for a Newcomers Informational Meeting

This simple, straightforward two-page guide is designed to help members structure a brief informational meeting for newcomers, which can be held before, after, or even during a regularly scheduled OA meeting. These Guidelines summarize what vital topics of discussion introduce OA: the assurance of anonymity, the commonality of our compulsive eating problem, and the primary purpose of … Continued

Prepare for Deepfakes: Use OA’s Updated Videoconference Meeting Training and Security/Preventive Measures

Online meetings have a new disruption to watch for: deepfakes. Deepfakes use technology to mimic a real person to gain access and then cause a disturbance. Use the updated step-by-step recommendations in OA’s Videoconference Meeting Training and Security/Preventive Measures guidelines to prepared to respond to intruders, disrupters, and deepfakes. Ensure your on-screen meeting is secure … Continued

Meeting Descriptions Will Change in 2023

Delegates to World Service Business Conference 2023 have voted to change the following meeting descriptions: From To Open meeting Meeting with visitors (Open) Closed meeting Meeting without visitors (Closed) Special Topic Specific Topic Special Focus Specific Focus These changes will help newcomers and referring professionals understand that “Closed” meetings are always open to newcomers, OA … Continued