WSBC 2023: Logo, e-Documents, and Literature Order Deadline

The Third Conference e-Documents were posted on March 13 and include completed applications from all trustee nominees, Agenda Questionnaire results, and new literature manuscripts submitted for the Conference Seal of Approval. Find all the e-Documents on the WSBC web page. This year’s Conference is a face-to-face event, which means the Forum is back! This year’s … Continued

Just Posted: Letter from Young People in OA to Intergroups/Service Boards and Regions

OA’s increased commitment to carry the message of recovery to younger compulsive eaters—that is, those afflicted between the ages of 18 and 30—is reflected in the WSBC Young People’s Committee’s recently updated official Letter to Intergroups/Service Boards and Regions. This letter aims to bridge the generational gap between older and younger members of OA with a … Continued

Bylaws FAQs Answered in New Document

OA’s newest document, Frequently Asked Questions about OA Bylaws, broadly answers the most common queries the WSO receives about forming an OA service body. If you’ve wondered, “What is a service body, and what are bylaws?” “How and when should my service body change its bylaws?” or “What if my service body wants to change its officially registered … Continued