Upcoming Deadline Dates: World Service Business Conference 2024

The following are upcoming deadline dates for World Service Business Conference 2024, which convenes May 7–11, 2024, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. Get the complete list of deadline dates. All new Conference documents are posted on the World Service Business Conference web page and in the Document Library under category “Delegate.” March 7 Agenda Questionnaire … Continued

Professional Community Courier Updated to Issue III

Carry the message to health professionals with Issue III of the Professional Community Courier. The Courier is written by health professionals, for health professionals and aims to educate about the benefits the Overeaters Anonymous program offers to patients and clients. This issue includes moving testimonials from both a doctor who joined OA and found relief … Continued

Translation Basics Workshop Is a Quick Orientation to Literature Translation

Do you have a passion for translation? Help carry the message of OA to the still-suffering compulsive eater today by educating your service body on our translations process! The Translation Basics Workshop, with a brief thirteen slides, can be presented during your usual OA meeting or at your service body’s next workshop or conference. Find … Continued

New! Reach Out to University Staff Who Support Student Well-Being

College can be an especially tumultuous and difficult time for the young compulsive eater. With that in mind, the World Service Business Conference Young People’s Committee has taken the initiative to create a letter carrying our OA message to higher education staff, informing them of the hope that OA has to offer still-suffering students. The … Continued

Delve into the Twelve Concepts of OA Service with Our New Workshop

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service are our primary guide to conducting OA business and the keys to OA-service success. Use our new “Twelve Concepts of OA Service Workshop,” available in both PPTX (large file) and PDF file formats, at your next Fellowship event to explore the Principles of the Concepts and encourage a better … Continued

New! Guidelines for a Newcomers Informational Meeting

This simple, straightforward two-page guide is designed to help members structure a brief informational meeting for newcomers, which can be held before, after, or even during a regularly scheduled OA meeting. These Guidelines summarize what vital topics of discussion introduce OA: the assurance of anonymity, the commonality of our compulsive eating problem, and the primary purpose of … Continued

OA Releases New Public Information Video and Web Page

Public information and professional outreach (PIPO) committees throughout the OA Fellowship have new tools to carry the message to the still-suffering compulsive eater who is searching for a solution. “OA has your back” is a new public service annoucement (PSA) video that depicts the range of problems with food that compulsive eaters might deal with … Continued

OA Bylaws and Policies Now Accessible as Web Pages

In response to a request from the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) Bylaws Committee, OA’s bylaws and policies have been made more accessible to the Fellowship. In addition to the PDF versions available in the Document Library, they can now be viewed as web pages, which are easier to view on mobile devices and easier … Continued

Just Released: Public Information and Professional Outreach Service Manual

The Public Information Service Manual and the Professional Outreach Manual are now conveniently combined, with their best explanations and recommendations for public information and professional outreach work distilled into the Public Information and Professional Outreach Service Manual (#765). This spiral-bound manual covers a wide range of topics, including writing press releases, bringing the message of … Continued

New Flyer: Designated Downloader AND Translator

Any designated downloader who is fluent in a language other than English now has the option to become a Designated Downloader and Translator! The Designated Downloader service position has long connected OA members without digital access to the latest OA recovery news. Adding translation to that service position can help spread the message of OA … Continued