Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews and proposes changes to OA Inc.’s current bylaws and policies; advises other service bodies on forming, adopting, and refining their own bylaws; fosters a greater awareness for the uses and purposes of OA, Inc. bylaws; advises the Fellowship about amendments to OA, Inc. Bylaws that affect members, groups, and service bodies; and reviews and proposes changes to the Sample Intergroup/Service Board Bylaws and Sample Statement of Purpose and Operating Procedures.

Conference-Approved Literature Committee

This committee reviews drafts for new or revised literature in cooperation with the WSO publications department, the appropriate Conference-Approved Literature subcommittee and other relevant OA committees; and recommends and/or reviews proposals for literature revisions and new literature proposals for further development.

Public Information/Professional Outreach Committee

This committee encourages and assists service bodies in making the public aware of Overeaters Anonymous through print and broadcast media, participation in community events and any other public means available, being always mindful of the need to observe the Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous; provides service bodies with ideas and materials for their local efforts; addresses concerns within the Fellowship related to anonymity and misinformation about OA on a public level using the Public Information Service Manual and public service announcements when appropriate; encourages the purchase and use of the Public Information Service Manual and public service announcements by service bodies; assists service bodies in apprising professionals of the OA Twelve Step program; and promotes the use of the Professional Outreach Manual.

Twelfth Step Within Committee

This committee carries the same message of recovery to those who still suffer WITHIN the OA Fellowship; deals with relapse and issues of membership retention offering the message of hope; and encourages OA members to maintain recovery and prevent relapse.

Unity with Diversity Committee

We recognize the significance that diversity plays in OA’s ability to carry the message of recovery effectively. This committee encourages acceptance and inclusivity in our language and our actions while growing worldwide unity.

Young People’s Committee

This committee serves OA members, groups and service bodies in carrying the message to young people within the Fellowship as well as to young newcomers; acts as a resource by outlining appropriate OA material including literature, online resources and meeting formats; provides information regarding projects, initiatives and other activities that have been successful in supporting young people within the Fellowship and carrying the message to young newcomers; provides recommendations for literature and other resources intended to support younger members within the OA Fellowship; and assists the WSO in responding to inquiries regarding young persons in OA.

You are welcome to contact any of these committees through the World Service Office.