What if we want to change our service body’s name?

A service body’s name is part of their bylaws or summary/statement of purpose. Therefore, to change the name: The bylaws or summary/statement of purpose document needs to be amended by a group conscience that is conducted according to agreed-upon procedures. Once this is done, the amended document is sent to the World Service Office for … Continued

What are the requirements for modifying the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions?

Amendments to Article I (Twelve Steps) and Article II (Twelve Traditions) of OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B may only be adopted if: The amendment receives a two-thirds vote of the World Service Business Conference delegates as required for other amendments, They are also ratified by three-fourths of the registered Overeaters Anonymous groups who respond within … Continued

Are there minimum requirements in the OA Bylaws for delegates to World Service Business Conference beyond the requirements of their own service bodies?

Yes, delegates are to have at least one year of current abstinence and at least two years of service beyond the group level. Additional suggested attributes are listed in the Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. Business Conference Policy Manual, Continuing Effect Motion 1988a. (Note: The Business Conference Policy Manual and OA Bylaws are found in the Document … Continued