How often do we have to change our bylaws?

It is recommended that the bylaws be reviewed annually to ensure any necessary changes made at the World Service Business Conference are included. In addition, the review will make sure that changing local needs are reflected in the document. If bylaws need to be amended more frequently than once a year, this may be an … Continued

Which guiding documents are the easiest or hardest to challenge?

Bylaws are more difficult to amend than a policies and procedures manual, as bylaws usually require a larger majority for approval. Policies and procedures manuals explain the “how” to implement the “what” that was identified in the bylaws. Any policies and procedures that are likely to change for practical reasons probably belong in the policies … Continued

What do we do if a bylaw no longer works for us?

A service body’s bylaws, approved by the trustee reviewing them, always include provisions for amending them. If a bylaw no longer works, it needs to be amended according to the service body’s agreed-upon policies and procedures. It is possible that such a change might be better included in a more easily amended policies and procedures … Continued

Why are bylaws written in such formal language? Do they have to be that formal?

A formal tone suggests the organization is serious about its agreed-upon practices and may lend itself to more precise definitions. However, as long as bylaws meet the formal requirements and are approved by the trustee reviewing them, there is no requirement for formality. Source: OA member who has service experience

Can we do something different from bylaws?

Yes. If a service body does not have bylaws, it must have a summary/statement of purpose and operating procedures. Both choices must conform with OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B, that they must say their purpose is to aid with the problem of compulsive overeating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and that they are … Continued